In my search for a well researched, up-to-date list of Swahili slang words, I found a great resource at the Mwanasimba web site. They created an amazingly detailed Swahili slang dictionary (over 1,100 entries!), pulling content from several sources. Unfortunately, there were two problems. First, the web site was one of the ugliest web sites I have ever seen. I’m not even kidding. Second, the site was very unstable and often didn’t work at all. As far as I can tell, the site is permanently down now. Or, we can only hope, they are working on a site redesign.

Fortunately, I was able to extract all of the slang dictionary content from the site and have formatted it into a spreadsheet for easy reference and distribution. The spreadsheet contains separate sheets for each category of words. The comments at the top of some sheets are from the original Mwanasimba web site.

Warning: As you should expect from a comprehensive, uncensored slang dictionary, many of the words and definitions are vulgar and some contain derogatory terms and graphic descriptions of sexual acts, drug use, and crime.